Bronze Plan

This is our basic plan that covers 2 maintenance checks per year* and includes all of the normal preventative maintenance that your heating and air conditioning system requires. This plan also fulfills the mandatory maintenance requirements of the manufacturer’s extended warranties.

*One for heating only customers. Commercial customers may require more than 2 checks.

  • Check and lubricate all motors if needed
  • Check all electrical connections and controls
  • Check refrigerant level and unit efficiency
  • Check defrost cycle and controls
  • Check coils for clean heat transfer surfaces
  • Check compressor operation
  • Paint rusting parts
  • Check vent pipe and draft diverter
  • Check and clean humidifier (if humidifier option has been taken)
  • Check combustion and flame safety controls. (furnaces)
  • Check fuel supply and filters
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Clean out condensate drain, pumps, and pan
  • Check thermostat for accuracy and calibration
  • Check filters and air cleaners

Parts and labor needed to repair any defect will be charged at discounted rates. No minimum service charge or emergency service fee will be charged only our actual labor rate. Deficiencies will be noted at the time of inspection and repairs quoted. Failure to repair will result in a minimum service charge if lack of repair results in a service call. Secondary or consequential damages are not covered.

Bronze Plan        Silver Plan         Gold plan

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